About Us

Colorado Orthopaedic Research Institute was founded by Dr. John Xenos in 2015. Dr. Xenos is fellowship trained and had a strong desire to share the same type of quality fellowship experience he had with other orthopaedic surgeons. After establishing his successful, private practice the opportunity to initiate a fellowship emerged. CORI was incorporated as a nonprofit, 501c3 organization in 2015. The first two years of the organization’s life were focused on developing sustainable internal structures and building a base of donation support.

Initially, CORI and Dr. Xenos participated in several research studies. The studies were clinical, retrospective and case finding. This established a research base important for our fellowship program. Dr. Xenos’ practice continued to grow, averaging 580 total joint surgeries per year, 10% of which are revisions, and another 75-100 sports related surgeries. The number of surgical cases provides depth and breadth to the surgical training offered CORI fellows.

In 2018 we participated in the AAHKS fellowship match program, SF Match. A significant number of interviews were conducted via SF Match for the 2019-2020 fellowship year. We matched with an excellent surgeon, who is already fellowship trained in elbows and shoulders, who became our first fellow in 2019. The 2020-2021 SF Match process has been completed and we again matched with an exceptional fellow who will begin their fellowship August, 2020. The 2021-2022 SF Match process will begin August 2019.

Donations from individuals and organizations and organizational grants are CORI’s primary sources of funding. In 2018 CORI held a 5K Run/Walk fundraiser. The first time event attracted 200 participants, numerous sponsors and volunteers. Nearly $16,000 was raised to support the 2019-2020 fellowship year. A grant from Smith & Nephew provided core funding for that fellowship year.

CORI’s vision is to impact the standard of orthopaedic care throughout Colorado by raising the level of orthopaedic surgeon expertise. As the resources become available our goal is to reach out to those in the greatest need to provide orthopaedic care that could not be afforded otherwise. Our research goal is to improve total joint replacement devices, improve knowledge and the standard of care for all orthopaedic patients.